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Our Mission

TLJ Headlines is a strategic innovation firm that creates media strategies, brand awareness, creative concepts, and innovative event planning. We strive to make our clients dreams our main focus, and their reality.  We work really hard to ensure that we keep our clients focused; motivated, and concentrated on the goals they wish to reach. We value our company on integrity, purpose, passion, creativity, and dedication. We will give our best and 100% effort with every service we provide. Our clients are our top priority.

Our Services:

• Brand Identity
• Community Relations
• Event Planning
• Media Relations
• Business Coaching    

• Social Media Strategy

The TLJ Process:

Step 1. 
Communication of desired goals for your brand or business.
Step 2. Consultation of strategic planning and outlining.
Step 3. Initiation of final proposition targeting your specific goals.



“I had the distinct pleasure of working with TLJ Headlines for my book tour rollout and strategy for ‘Are You In Inc: PR’s Alter Ego’. TLJ’s team organized tour logistics and signings, created speaking opportunities and brand tie-ins, and assisted with social media brand storytelling. TLJ has been essential to the success of my book tour and I look forward to our continued relationship.”

Nicole Garner | CEO, The Garner Circle

“Tiara Johnson has been more than just a great friend. She is a motivator and a motivation. Her hard work and unfailing determination has inspired me in more ways than one. I have been afforded with the opportunity to be apart of her continued success and I can not wait to see what the future holds for her.” 

Mike Oloyede | Marketing, Macy’s Inc

Over the past 2 years of knowing Tiara I can attest that she is a very hard working and knowledgeable publicist. her age doesn’t define her capabilities, she pushes hard and gets the work done. Tiara LaRae Johnson is a game changer in the PR world!

Connie Irwin | Creative Loafing

“In just a few short months, I feel like we’ve known each other years. You have jumped right in as my publicist and gone beyond the call of duty. My brand is just as important to you as it is to me and I am so grateful for that. The perception is, that people are more likely inspired/mentored by someone that is older than them, but you being only 22 years old, a college graduate, and a successful entrepreneur has inspired me to push my dreams even the more. I am so proud to have you represent me and my brand and excited to see what the future holds for TLJ headlines.”

Brittany Briggs | Owner, Brittany’s Brazilian Beauties

Tiara did an amazing job planning a meet & greet at a major retail store for my magazine. She is dependable, thorough, resourceful, and very pleasant to work with. I didn’t have to worry about a thing! Can’t wait to work with her again.


Kim G | Publisher,

Tiara is an influence and inspiration to many. I have worked with her on countless projects and they have all been life changing experiences for me and my business. Her dedication to innovation as well as her strategic planning expertise makes her a pleasure to work with. Tiara’s skill set and passion will undoubtedly revolutionize the communication industry.

Trevon Williams | Founder, Von Allen Agency

“Tiara is a great asset and PR to Teen Leaders of America. She has an exceptional ability to transform vision and direction into Target Creativity. Tiara’s work impresses me on multiple levels. She has an uncanny sense for what I am pondering but hadn’t said aloud. She really listens effectively to what I am seeking. She brings great ideas and does them in a timely manner and excellent communication skills. She is truly a blessing.”

-Saqirah Redmond | Program Director, U-Turns & Teen Leaders of America-GA

She finds potential and profit where others would only see risk and she dares to push her clients, and herself, to new heights. I have met and worked with many publicists, PR agents, event planners and managers during my journalism career but I have yet to meet anyone who can grow and transform a brand the way Tiara can.

Taylor Danielle | Founder, ILL Define

Tiara is one of the most easiest and consistent people to work with. She goes above and beyond to make sure her clients get the best of her ability, and is always thinking of ways to take them to the next level. I can honestly say, I am extremely happy to have a person as professional and as genuine as Tiara representing my business and me.

Porshia Antalan | Celebrity Photographer
Femqua Photography

“Tiara Larae Johnson has quickly positioned herself and her brand TLJHeadlines as one of the mainstays in the Atlanta entertainment industry. She has worked with many of the leading brands, events, celebrities, and is poised to make an even larger impact on the scene within a very short period of time. Contact Atlanta looks forward to working with Tiara on many future endeavors.”
Craig Lane | CEO, Contact Atlanta

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